Tuesday, July 17, 2007

twisted [flava] of the M O N T H

Wei this month ader lagu baru wei.. hmm, tak sure baru ker tak, but still new to me. One Republic making my top personal group chart, so enjoy dlm Imeem kat Twisted Jukebox tuh. First time aku denga lagu One Republic, lagu Apologize dorg. Pastuh tetibe makin suke lak lagu2 lain. Aku selang selikan with other songs.

Tapi yg paling aku suke skang lagu Utada Hikaru dlm first list tuh, Colour. Aku mmg minat giler kat Utada disebabkan suara serak2 unik dier tuh ha, bnyak gak lah lagu Utada yg aku suke. Even though lagu Colour tuh last year punyer, but still aku suke gile. Lirik dier pown sungguh artistic and mendalam. Mcm aku paham jer kan maksud dier. huhuhu.. Nei, aku bg translation of that song, courtesy of cherryblossom-garden. Enjoy!

Lyrics: Utada Hikaru
Translation: Izak Loftus

The mirror reflects the illusions in my soul
And before I’m aware of it, I’m quickly lifted

Where can we go and can we break apart?
The sign of my incomplete wish is entirely gray

Flickering flames paint my dreams tonight
Your brush isn’t dried up yet?

You’ll be able to see the blue sky if you open up your blue umbrella
Is that not good enough? The canvas is yours
I’ll surrender to time and hold the white flag overhead
Now I’m like a matador, enticing you with crimson

Color after color fades under the flourescent lights
I met you on the black and white chessboard

When I lost my way that time, I leaned close to you
Ever since that month, I’ve wondered if you even remember it

Simply watching the orange color of the setting sun with you made me happy
Your mouth was the origin of catastrophe
Black clothes are only worn when praying for the deceased
Crimson is intentionally left behind by the mark of rouge

You say that there are no more dreams to paint within myself
But how many times must I fill this canvas?
I’ll surrender to time and hold the white flag overhead
Now I am the color that you do not know

mrFarhy: By the way, sesiapa ader dedication or new song yg nak share, just suggest dalam any comments aku. Aku akan dedicate ur song and masukkan dlm my Imeem FOC! :P

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